GPS Tracking Services

Technology can help us in our day-to-day lives in ways that were impossible until a few years ago. A good example is the GPS Tracker, a small device that can help us locate our vehicle at all times and that has applications both at business and private level in Miami Florida. In Spy World Miami GPS tracking devices for vehicles store, we have selected only those GPS tracking devices that meet the best qualities. We have GPS tracking devices, also called beacons, for real-time tracking of vehicles, as well as personal GPS trackers, GPS tracking devices in Miami Dade & Broward County, GPS designed to track children, fleets, and objects, with emergency buttons that alert by SMS or email, immediately, in case of emergency. GPS tracking is a device that is becoming widely used and can be very practical. Please contact us for more information about our GPS tracking.

Benefits of Installing GPS Tracking Devices to Your Vehicles
Benefits of Installing GPS Tracking Devices to Your Vehicles

GPS Tracker Sales and Installation

The GPS tracking device for cars is a GPS tracking system in Miami that works through a small device that is installed in the vehicles so you can be safe wherever you are. It allows you to view up-to-date information about your car’s location and routes of your fleets. You can set tracking safe zones and maximum speeds. In case of emergency, you can press the panic button that will alert the Security Forces. Coverage throughout the Miami territory 24 hours a day. The GPS tracking device has the possibility of delimiting a geographical area in Coral Gables, Biscayne, Miami, and every time you enter or leave it, the system will issue an alert.

Real-Time Hard Wired GPS Tracker for Vehicles, Boats, Motorcycles, Car, Commercial, Jetski and Fleets, Waterproof, Easy Registration.


Have you ever needed to track and locate the vehicles, persons or goods? .

For this task at Spy World Miami, we have the best real-time GPS Tracking device, perfect GPS tracking devices in Miami that you can camouflage anywhere if you want to track a car, or inside a device. A spy GPS tracker or GPS tracking device in Miami incorporates a SIM card that emits information that the user can see in an information panel that can be accessed by passwords. In addition, with its platform, you can consult at all times in real-time the route of a car, boat, fleet or person carrying the tracker with GPS tracking. We deliver the GPS tracking device configured and ready to be used, which will provide you with clear and complete information of all movements of the vehicles, objects or person where the tracker is located.